More on mascots


Some more information on 1920s club mascots. Nottingham Forest had a donkey as a mascot in the mid-1920s. The players had been training alongside the River Trent one day when they saw a group of workmen beating the animal to try and make it pull a barge. They saved the animal, paying a sovereign for it, and took it back to the club adopting it as a mascot. The donkey came to a rather sad demise after overindulging during the Christmas period of 1924. It had been given a large bag of carrots as a present, but ate these rather quickly and was found dead shortly afterwards.

At this time it was also common (and probably more practical) for clubs to appoint a mascot who dressed up in the club colours and entertained the fans before matches, acting as a cheerleader. This practise of course continued into the 1960s at places such as Portsmouth and Arsenal (where the late David Stacey held the role for several years).


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