Issue 22


Issue 22 has now been finalised and includes the following articles: Football and Community Singing, how Abide with me became associated with the Cup Final; the story of John Walker, the first black player to appear in the Scottish League; a statistical record of Scotland’s East Regional League in 1939-40; the professional footballer who became a conscientious objector in World War Two; how Walsall FC emerged from the Great War; a review of the News of the World Annual for 1963-64; the origins of football in Grimsby; using club minute books as a source; plus our usual comprehensive selection of obituaries and book reviews and listings. Copies will be posted to subscribers shortly after Easter. You can now order individual copies of issue 22 through our website (

UPDATE: Copies of issue 22 were posted to subscribers during the week commencing 20 April.


One Response to “Issue 22”

  1. 1 Jeremy Sims

    I will be very interested to read about the association of Abide With Me with the Cup Final. Coincidentally, my wife was asking me about this only last week.

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