6 March 1909


Saturday 6 March 1909 saw almost half the fixtures wiped out by bad weather. In fact none of the four FA Cup quarter-final ties was decided. The tie between Derby County and Nottingham Forest was postponed and other results were: Newcastle United 2, Sunderland 2 (att. 53,453); Glossop 0, Bristol City 0 (att. 4,500); Burnley 1, Manchester United 0, abandoned after 75 mins (att. 15,471). Here is an extract from the report on the Glossop game from Monday’s Daily Mail: “A piercing snowstorm beat from end to end of this primitive little field and continued with unabated flakiness until the match was over. Then as the sun went down (which is mere assumption) the blizzard subsided, as if satisfied with its day’s work … the snow remained to play havoc with the roll of the ball and intelligent anticipation. Sometimes the ball stopped dead, and the so-called dribbler would have to go back to dig the gold from the ore, so to speak.”

Elsewhere there was bad news for Brentford fans when the club’s mascot, a white goat, succumbed to the bad weather and dropped down dead. Many clubs had animals as mascots at this time including Manchester United (a billy goat), Newcastle (a Great Dane), Sunderland (a black cat), Bradford City (a bantam cock) and Sheffield Wednesday (a monkey).


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