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29 January 1909


100 years ago today the Birmingham Gazette reported on a Commission of Inquiry held by the Football Association into incidents that took place during the Southern League game between West Ham and Plymouth over the Christmas period. This how the Gazette reported the incident: “When Plymouth Argyle visited West Ham United to play a Southern […]

23 January 1909


This week’s entry begins with a follow-up to last week’s news about Manchester City. This is what the much respected John Lewis had to say in Birmingham’s Sporting Mail 100 years ago: “Only a joke! – such is the official announcement of the Manchester City directors after enquiring for a couple of hours into the […]

I shall be attending the Stafford Rangers Programme Fair this Sunday, 18 January, with my usual selection of programmes, books and magazines. The current issue of Soccer Historywill be available along with back issues. The fair takes place in the Social Club at the Marston Road ground starting at 10.30.

16 January 1909


100 years ago today it was FA Cup first round day (equivalent to the third round today). Surprises included Croydon Common drawing 1-1 at ‘home’ to Woolwich Arsenal (the tie was played at Crystal Palace), non-league Workington drawing 0-0 at Bradford City and Nottingham Forest beating Aston Villa 2-0. Highest scorers were Bury who defeated […]

9 January 1909


One hundred years ago today, Manchester United, Football League champions in 1907-08, went down to a 5-0 defeat at Middlesbrough. This is what the Manchester Courier had to say about the game: Manchester United is having a bad time, but Turnbull is practically certain to play against Brighton and Hove Albion in the Cup tie at […]