24 November 1908


Violence on the football field is not a new phenomonen as evidenced by the following report that appeared in the Daily Mail on this day 100 years ago:

“At Waltham Abbey Petty Sessions yesterday Joseph Henry Chiswell and Arthur Joseph Frost, young men of Chingford were summoned for assaulting Henry Philip Bolden, of Forest Gate, a football referee. The prosecution was at the instance of the London Football Association.

A match was being played at Chingford on November 7, and a foul took place which was not observed by the referee owing to a crowd of players in front of the goal. It was alleged the defendant Chiswell ran up to the referee exclaiming, “Did you see it? I will kill you,” and struck him in the mouth, knocking him down and loosening one of his teeth, and that subsequently the defendant Frost also knocked him down, saying, “Let’s down him.”

For the defence it was absolutely denied that any assault took place, and it was stated that the complainant was only on the ground once, and that was because he was knocked down through another man being accidentally pushed against him.

The Bench decided to convict, and fined defendants 30s each and costs, or fourteen days.”


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