21 November 1908


On this day in 1908 England Amateurs played their Irish counterparts in Dublin, winning 5-1. This is the match report that appeared in the following day’s Sunday Times:

“Wretched weather at Dublin completely spoilt this amateur international engagement, exercising a very prejudicial effect upon the attendance and rendering the ground so sodden that the players experienced the greatest diffciulty in controlling the ball. In the Irish team Foy, of Cliftonville, took the place of Seymour, but the English amateurs took the field as announced. For the first few minutes play went somewhat in favour of the Irishmen, but then Stapley should, from a centre by Hardman, have scored for England. The Glossop man, however, blundered badly, and with the game transferred to the other end Lemoine had an awkward shot to save from Webb. Soon afterwards Woodward, falling heavily, had to leave the field. He returned later, but was limping a good deal, and went outside right, Berry taking the inside position. For a time there was little to choose between the sides, and twenty minutes passed without any score. Gradually the greater cleverness of the Englishmen began to assert itself, and inside half an hour Porter gave the visitors the lead. This success was promptly followed by other goals from Stapley and Porter. For the most part, however, the football pertained to no particular excellence, and, rain falling heavily, the spectators could have obtained little enjoyment from the contest. Half-time arrived with the game standing: England 3 goals; Ireland 0. On resuming the Englishmen were still greatly handicapped through the injury sustained by Woodward, who, though keeping his place on the field, was of little use to his side. For all that the visitors showed themselves much the more skilful combination, the Irishmen on the heavy turf appearing to small advantage. In little more than a quarter of an hour Stapley put on a fourth point for the English Amateurs and some time later the same player secured a further goal. Less than ten minutes from the finish Webb scored for Ireland.”


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